Things To Know About Iron On Patches

What’s better than patches? Iron-on patches. Why? The hassle of stitching them on fabric is long gone. It means that your face won’t scrunch anymore as you watch the battle between the needle and the thread. You won’t have to go out of the house and pay someone to stitch up a patch for you. It also means covering up that pesky rip on your shirt faster than a snap. Other than practical uses though, iron-on patches give almost everything life from tote bags to even canvass shoes. Or if you want, attach them to your favorite shirt to support your favorite sports teams!

We at Patches4Less make high-quality and durable iron-on patches at prices we’re sure you’ll love. Just send us your designs whether it may be a sketch or a computer file and we’ll get it done.

Speaking Of Designs

Customizing patches are all we do and yes we are very good at it. We can utilize any sketch, drawing or picture to create your patch as long as it can give us an idea of what you really want your iron-on patch to look like. Today, technology is practically living with us, so it gives us a better edge at patch-making. As the client, you can see for yourself the digital version of your patch in color and enhanced by our artist. Revisions are all free of charge. After approval, productions start and you my dear friend get to rest. We’ll take care of everything.

Custom Patches

Now, if you want to make a patch out of a logo, or a duplicate of another patch, color matches matter; you can notify us with the colors you want for fabric and thread. Since the color in computer monitors vary, consult a local print shop or a Pantone© (PMS) color chart to know the exact color match. Visit our site, Designing and check out the bottom part of the page; you’ll see our patch color guide for both thread and twill. For the finished product though, we would much appreciate it if you would inform us if you want to avail other patch options. Visit our site and go to “Pricing”, at the right side of the page is a table with a list of patch options that can guide you.

How Much Do These Cost?

The right price depends on the size of your patch. The size on the other hand is determined by the width and length of your patch. Measure both length and width, add them together and divide the sum by 2. Pricing and at the bottom part of the page is a chart with patch sizes and their corresponding prices. Look for your calculated patch size and voilà you have the price per patch. Or to know the size of your patch and its price instantly, go to the same link and there you will fill out a form; we can calculate the price for you. All you have to do then is decide if you want to order. We know you want to.

Just How Reliable Are We?

We have satisfied many customers over the years already and we have been getting praises for the level of detail that we can embroider on each patch. Our staff has years of experience in this line of work, has received thousands of orders and has kept the level of professional work constant at a maximum. We have customized patches for sports teams, biker clubs, boy scout and girl scout uniforms, police uniforms, video games, martial arts studios, festivals, organizations, companies, you name it. We have received heartwarming reviews from our clients, for just a few years. Not too shabby.


Iron-on patches have no time period. From covering rips and faded areas in your clothes, to rewards for children and cool party favors, patches are beloved and are enjoyed by everyone, no matter what generation. Patches4Less iron-on patches are made of high quality fabric and thread. They’re professionally made, durable, easy to use, and manufactured fast. At Patches4Less, we make sure we meet with our clients expectations. Designs are all customized and we won’t charge a dime for revisions.

Rest assured that we won’t start producing your patches until you are 100% satisfied with your design’s digital outcome. Shipping is free nationwide via FedEx. Contact Patches4Less or visit now!

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Why Get the Best Golf Clubs?

If you are trying to attain success in playing golf, there are two things you should have: excellent skills and golf clubs. To achieve the right level of skill for this sport, practice is of great importance. This certainly works for most sports. And with the ideal equipment that you need when playing golf, you can ensure that you’d be letting that inner pro golfer in you on the loose.

Of course, you cannot expect to be the best in this field any time soon. However, you can do wonders when you’re in the game by playing with only the top quality clubs. Even if you know in yourself that you’ve practiced countless hours to pull off a few strokes with the perfect posture and positioning, if your equipment are subpar or are simply too old to compete with newer clubs, they will only lead you to mediocrity.

Even for a professional golfer, when substandard golf clubs are used, the slightest of imperfections on the equipment could be critical.

golf clubThis is certainly game changing whenever you are playing with different terrains. One’s overall performance is dependent on skill and precision, but without the latter, drives may not be pulled off as perfect as pro golfers want them to be.

As one’s journey towards acquiring the best golf clubs is set off, a huge concern will eventually interfere, which is price. Many golfers try to get as much practice as they can, with some even seeking to compete locally, and many fail simply because of not having the best tools to help them with their goals. Fortunately, there are stores where you could get excellent clubs at affordable rates without having to compromise equipment quality and essentially, your game, just because you cannot afford what your favorite professional golfer is using.

Cost does not always equate to quality and performance. This statement definitely applies when you’re trying to find a decent set of golf clubs. In some cases, cheaper club sets allow you to perform a lot better than the more expensive ones. The important thing to keep reminding yourself of is the equipment’s quality. Price should be your second priority. This may not seem practical for many amateurs, but if you keep digging through a variety of sources for such a golf club set, you will eventually find one that suits your skill and style.

You should, of course, be a bit patient if you want to prioritize your performance above all else. After all, patience is a characteristic that allows most golfers to make something happen in the first place. Some people tend to experience agony and indecisiveness while looking for the right equipment. It is not a good decision to weigh price over quality. There will always be an opportunity and you just have to wait for it and not let it pass.

It’s best that you first make sure what suits you when looking for golf clubs. If you’re just beginning to play golf and are looking to purchase your first set, keep in mind that the grip serves the least purpose among other parts of a club. This kind of equipment may be costly in general. For more affordable sets, try picking those with shafts made in graphite. This will not compromise the quality and feel of your golf club. For the head, it could be created using zinc, stainless steel, titanium, graphite, or other materials. Titanium is relatively among the most expensive of golf head materials but also the most ideal for professional golfers because of its high durability despite being very lightweight. With the right driver, utility clubs, wedges, and outer, you’re bound to go beyond your own perception of your skills.

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Reasons Why You Need a Broker When Buying or Selling Long Island Real Estate

When looking for Long Island real estate, doing the work on your own may save you the commission rates, but it may also not be the best way to go because it may end up being more expensive than a broker’s commission. Selling or buying a property is a huge financial undertaking.

Here are some of the reasons why our real estate brokers can help you.

More Convenience

real estate brokerActing as a liaison between the seller and the buyer is the full-time job of a broker. This means we can easily access other properties that are listed by other brokers. Both brokers who are working to sell and buy properties know what they have to do to get a mutual deal. If you want to buy a property, we would find properties with features that you want, get in touch with the brokers of the sellers, and set up appointments so you can view the properties. If you are buying Long Island real estate by yourself, you would have to make all these appointments on your own through email or phone or li-realestatefinder.

Likewise, if you want to sell your property, you need to accept calls or emails from interested people and set up appointments. Potential buyers tend to look somewhere else if you do not respond fast enough. Moreover, you may set up a meeting and rush to go home, just to find that nobody shows up.

Negotiating Can Be Complicated

Some people do not like doing business with a broker and think that a direct deal between sellers and buyers is more transparent. This may be true if both the seller and the buyer are quite good people who can get along. However, this is not always an easy affair.

As a buyer, you may like a home, but hate its striking yellow kitchen and shag carpet. If you work with us, you may express your dislike for the homeowner’s taste in design and complain about how much you would pay to upgrade the property without offending the owner. As your broker, we can pass on your concerns to the seller’s broker. We act as a messenger, so we may be better in negotiating a discount without annoying the owner.

Contracts Can Be Difficult to Deal with

real estateIf you want to sell or buy your Long Island real estate, the offer to purchase contract can help protect you and make sure that you can drop out of the negotiation if there are conditions that are not met. With the experience that we have in real estate, we can handle the same conditions and contracts regularly, and we are aware of which conditions to use, when they could be taken out safely, and how we can use the contract to protect you.

Real Estate Brokers Cannot Lie

They can lie, of course, but since they are licensed professionals, there will be bigger consequences than for a private seller or buyer. If you work with a licensed broker under an agency agreement, the broker is bound by law to act in your best interest.

Furthermore, as realtors, we depend mostly on repeat business and referrals to build a client base that we need to continue this business. This means doing what is best for the client is as important as making a sale.

Not Everybody Can Save Money

When buying or selling Long Island real estate, some people avoid using a broker to save money, but remember that it is uncertain that both the seller and the buyer would gain benefits from not paying commissions. For instance, if you are selling your property by yourself, your price will be based on the prices of other comparable properties in Long Island. Brokers can help sell a lot of these properties. Without a broker, the seller can keep the fraction of the sale price that could have been paid to the broker.

Buyers may also believe that they could save money on the property by not hiring a broker. However, they cannot both save the commission unless the seller and buyer agree to share the savings.

The process of selling or buying Long Island real estate is not as easy as some people thing. So, when you face a challenging situation, one of our brokers can help you.

The Role of Challenge Coins in the Military

As a manufacturer, we have heard so many stories claiming to be the origin of challenge coins. In this article, we are going to take a look at the history and many beliefs surrounding these coins before they have become a collector’s item.


One of the stories believed to be the origin of these coins is that the Roman Empire used coins to reward their courageous soldiers who did extremely well in battle. It was also believed that military people use these coins in order to identify themselves or the troop that they belong to.

The first use of a challenge coin in the military was said to be during the World War I when a wealthy US Air Force lieutenant commissioned a huge quantity of medallions. At that time, these medallions were considered to have the same function as challenge coins today. The lieutenant asked that everyone in his troop should have a medallion. A pilot of this troop put his coin in a small leather pouch, which he wore around his neck. Soon after receiving his medallion, the aircraft that this pilot was flying was damaged by ground fire. He was compelled to land within Germany’s territory and was captured immediately by a German troop.

Challenge Coins

In order to prevent the pilot from escaping, the Germans took away all of his belongings, except for the small pouch around his neck. The Germans took the pilot to a small town in France near the border. The pilot took advantage of the attack that night and escaped. He had a great difficulty reaching an outpost of their French allies. However, the French did not recognize the pilot’s American accent and he was suspected to be a spy. He was supposed to be executed because he did not have any form of identification to prove his allegiance, but he showed the medallion kept on his pouch. The French recognized the insignia on the medallion and the execution was delayed until the pilot confirmed his identity. To make amends, the French offered him a bottle of wine.

Challenging Other Soldiers

The inspirational story above shows challenge coins as an important item for a soldier to identify himself. Aside from that, there is also another use for these coins – challenging other soldiers if they carry their coins all the time. When a soldier challenges another, he would show his coin and slam it on the table. Anyone who is not able to show his coin would buy a round of drinks for the challenger and for everyone who was able to show their coins. Now, if everyone had their coins with them, the challenger is the one who will buy a round of drinks. This means that starting a challenge is basically a gamble.

Awards to Soldiers

In our many years of experience manufacturing challenge coins, we have been accepting orders from different military units for coins to be used as an award to soldiers. This is to boost the morale of the soldiers and the coin would also serve as a reminder of their achievements and commitment to the country. In some situations, civilians can also receive these unique coins, particularly the ones who have had a huge part in military missions. A challenge coin is awarded to a military personnel or a civilian through a handshake. The person who will give the award holds the coin on their right hand and shakes the right hand of the recipient. It is customary for them to provide a short message to the recipient on why they are being awarded a challenge coin.

No matter where challenge coins originated and the reason for using them, they are truly a beautiful piece of item meant to last for a long, long time. These coins represent an important event for the people who own them. To them, it is truly an honour to be given a challenge coin.

In our many years of experience manufacturing challenge coins, we have been accepting orders from different military units for coins to be used as an award to soldiers.

How to be a Successful Keynote Speaker

Motivation is a key factor in making people do their jobs correctly and even excel at them. With motivation, employees can exercise efficiency and effectiveness when carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Oftentimes, they look upon other successful people as their inspirations. Aside from that, the employees also usually listen to influential people to learn about core values in the workplace, especially unity and enthusiasm among their colleagues.

On the other hand, there are also people who want to share their two cents about certain topics that are beneficial to the workplace. These people are usually professionals who already have a lot of experiences when it comes to facilitating discussions about certain matters. Some individuals even want to be like them as they earn money just by sharing and discussing such topics. If you are one of those who dream of becoming a successful keynote speaker, you have to put in the work.

Keynote SpeakerThere are numerous occupations or activities that a person can do to earn income. You have to make sure that you really want to be a keynote speaker. For this, you should be passionate about going through this endeavor. If you are passionate, then, it will be your driving force to continue pursuing your dreams even if there are a lot of stumbling blocks along the way.

It is important for you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills which you need in order to be an effective keynote speaker. You can borrow and read books related to this discipline. You can even enroll in workshops or seminars facilitated by speakers who have been in the industry for a number of years. You can also do further research about this discipline through the Internet. There are a lot of articles online which can further give you knowledge on these matters.

You have to decide on which area you want to specialize in. This way, you can focus on such subject and improve your skills on this field. If you put in more concentration towards a single specialization, then, most likely, you will also gain a better and deeper understanding on the subject other than specializing in numerous topics. If you have this kind of understanding, then you can also disseminate important information better.

You also need to gain more experience in this career as much as possible. One way to do so would be to apply for an apprenticeship under the tutelage of a known keynote speaker, as well. Through this, you can acquire more learnings from the professional. However, you should not totally imitate one. You need to try adding your personal touch to the kind of discussions that you do so that your audience can differentiate you from other professionals. You have to remember that you are not the only one in this profession. There are others who may be funnier, more creative, or more knowledgeable than you. Strive to stand out from the crowd.

For people to know that you are offering your services, you have to make it known to them. You should advertise yourself and promote your qualifications. This way, you will have higher chances of getting hired during company events. You can go with social media, as most people nowadays already manage their own social network accounts. Even big corporations maintain such accounts to keep in touch with their employees, clients, and the public.

You should set appropriate rates for your services. The rate should be on par with your qualifications. Once you get hired for an event, you have to exercise professionalism all the time. You must make the necessary preparations before you take the microphone and deliver your speech on stage in front of your audience.

Designing Your Own Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards have many uses. They can be fashionable and functional at the same time. They can be used, not only as identification card holders, but also as accessories for your electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3, and USB flash drives. These are pretty handy for people who forget and drop things easily. They can serve as promotion for events and can also be given as gifts to your friends.

Nowadays, you can customize your own neck lanyards. Why buy a ready-made one when you can take it to the next level and personalize it instead? Designing your own lanyards is easy and fun.

All you have to do is follow these easy steps to get it done. :

Custom LanyardsKnow your theme. Before anything else, you should know what your lanyard is for and who would use it. Is it for the military or religious purposes? Will you use it for trade shows or special events? Your design will revolve will be made with this particular theme in mind. You probably have a design slowly forming in your mind by now. Don’t worry if everything isn’t clear for now. Sit on it or you could move on to the next step. Ideas can come at you after a while.

Set the size.

Decide on the width and length of your neck lanyard. Some lanyard shops have a set of length and width you can choose from. You should make sure that your text or image design can be seen clearly. You should also make sure that you are comfortable with it.

Choose your colors.

What would be the best color to represent your theme? For example, green can represent nature and red can represent life. For businesses, they usually follow their company theme color for their lanyard. You should also make sure that the text color is visible against the base color. The base and text color can be any color. You can check some colors on a color chart available in the internet as guide.

Decide what texts and images to use.

You usually see neck lanyards having a company logo and name but it’s not a hard rule. In fact, you can put anything you want! Just make sure that it fits the length of the lanyard. Greet your friend a happy birthday and print it in the lanyard or put a date and an event name to commemorate a specific event activity. Don’t forget to also position your text and images. You can also leave it blank if you want to focus on the colors instead.

Choose a lanyard type.

There are many lanyard types that would suit your budget and design. Some lanyard types are best for intricate designs and some are best for daily use. For example, polyester lanyards are the most common type people use for their neck lanyards. Tubular lanyards are popular too for their soft feel and cheap price. If you’re not sure on what type to use, you can always ask some lanyard shops in your area. You could also try lanyard shops available online.

Choose a finishing option.

When you buy your lanyards, you would also have to choose how to finish them. You can choose a sewn or metal crimp finish.

Finally, decide on an attachment.

After all that, you can finally choose an attachment to hold your devices or keys. It could be a hook or a ring depending on your needs. Attachments are free when you order or buy a neck lanyard.

Designing neck lanyards is easy right? Just follow this guide and start designing. You can then make a bulk order from one of the lanyard shops that you know. Or if you have the time and resources, you can even make them yourself!

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Understanding Baseball Trading Pins

Baseball, as it is the most popular sport in America, was among the first team sports to issue trading pins for players. Such baseball trading pins were used as conversation starters during pre-game activities in Major and Minor League, as well as in the World Series.

The average baseball trading pins range from 1.50 to 2.0 inches. 90% of baseball teams choose from this size range, although there is still some 9% of baseball teams who chose even larger pins and 1% chose pins smaller than 1.50 inches. A pin that’s smaller than 1.50 inches is untradeable and is meant for collecting only.

Each member of the baseball team is given several baseball trading pins, keeping in mind that each player should have enough to exchange with players from each of the other teams in the event. The pins usually contain special indicators like the team’s logo and mascot, the name of the event, the date, as well as the name of the player and his or her position in the team.

Baseball Trading PinsInitially meant for members only, baseball trading pins are now popular even amongst the spectators of these team events, and now come in all shapes and sizes. Most trading pins are either photo-screened or heavy photo-screened, although there are some that are made through soft enamel method. Photo screen pins are used when one intends to reprint the exact design from paper to pin. Details, down to the tiniest lines, are reprinted in the pin.

Photo screen pins are the least expensive and are chosen by most teams, especially those who need more than a hundred per player. Heavy photo screen pins are used for logos that require gradients or color fading. They are also almost 50% heavier than photo screen pins and are almost similar in weight to the soft enamel ones.

A third of the population of trading pin consumers prefers the soft enamel ones due to their embossed feel and heavy weight. This method is used for less complex designs. Soft enamel pins take longer to process since the color is hand painted and thus, it are amongst the most expensive.

Speaking of expensive pins, owners can actually add extras to the pin design they have in mind to make their pins command a higher value when traded. You can actually add secondary pins to your original design to make it more attractive and of course, expensive. You can choose to add a dangler, which hangs down from the original pin and is attached by either a jump ring or a short chain. You also have the option of adding a bobble head, which is attached to the pin using a spring for that bobbing effect. When it comes to durability however, bobble heads are not so much of a sturdy add-on since the spring can over stretch and ruin the design (and the pin) totally.

Then there are sliders – attachments added to the pin through a sliding slot, which allows the design to slide for a short distance from the main pin. Spinners are attached through a hole in the main pin and can move in either a clockwise or a counterclockwise manner. This is a rare add-on; therefore, having one on your pin makes it highly tradable.

And if you want an even rarer add-on for your pin, you can resort to choosing a Z-axis spinner which spins in a different direction than the regular spinner. The second pin is attached to a metal rod pin and as the pin rotates you can actually see the front and the back design of the pin.